Useful Resources for Stocks and Shares Related Websites, Books and Tools

Below are some of my favourite stock and share related websites, books and tools:

Share Research Tools

This is Money – Risers and Fallers – This tool is free, always good to see, allowing you to filter all the UK markets to find the biggest rising and falling shares. What I really like about this tool is the ability to find constant gainers and fallers. This is really useful for identifying trends, i.e. stocks that are taking off. This method is not for the faint hearted but is a great research tool that should only be used as part of a wider overall suite of research.

Stock and Share Pickers

Obermatt – I don’t tend to use stock pickers and stock recommends but prefer to do my own research. Obermatt I do though find quite useful. They have a free top 10 stock section from global indices and regularly have selections for the FTSE. This section doesn’t provide opinion, which is nice to see, but simply rates the stocks on Value, Growth, Safety and Combined. I would not rely on the tool for selection alone, it can though help to qualify some wider research.

Wealth Management Firms

GFM Asset – US and Hong Kong Wealth Management – Assists professionals in developing regular investment plans to build retirement plans and beyond. Specialises in cross boarder individuals who have worked in more than one tax jurisdiction.

Share Investing Books

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham – This is an old book with some evergreen share buying lessons. Benjamin Graham turned stock selection into an art form and demystified much of the witch craft that surrounds stock selection practice. A must read for anyone entering the arena of buying shares.

The Essays of Warren Buffett – You need to get past some of Warren Buffett’s recent mistakes to read this one…..Kraft, ahem. Just shows even the best investors slip up, a good lesson there for us all. Regardless of his recent bad press Warren Buffett is still one of the best stock investors in recent memory. Within these essays you find a lot of wisdom, unquestionably worth your attention if you are new to buying shares or want to build up your knowledge of how to find the best investments.

If you have any suggestions to add to this list feel free to get in touch, I’ll be happy to check them out. All the best, .

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