Nasdaq 100 Dividend Yields

Activision Blizzard, Inc ATVI 0.0051 US$79.01 33.75 US$0.41 US$87.73 US$50.25 US$2.34
Adobe Inc. ADBE N/A US$491.94 64.91 N/A US$536.88 US$255.13 US$7.58
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. AMD N/A US$82.01 159.55 N/A US$94.28 US$27.43 US$0.51
Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ALXN N/A US$112.97 29.67 N/A US$121.50 US$72.67 US$3.81
Align Technology, Inc. ALGN N/A US$309.00 14.39 N/A US$326.36 US$127.88 US$21.47
Alphabet Inc. GOOGL N/A US$1581.21 34.76 N/A US$1726.10 US$1008.87 US$45.49
Alphabet Inc. GOOG N/A US$1591.04 34.97 N/A US$1733.18 US$1013.54 US$45.49, Inc. AMZN N/A US$3294.62 126.54 N/A US$3552.25 US$1626.03 US$26.04
Amgen Inc. AMGN 0.0258 US$248.40 20.29 US$6.40 US$264.97 US$177.05 US$12.24
Analog Devices, Inc. ADI 0.0212 US$117.44 39.28 US$2.48 US$127.39 US$79.08 US$2.99
ANSYS, Inc. ANSS N/A US$321.21 69.97 N/A US$354.87 US$200.07 US$4.59
Apple Inc. AAPL 0.0068 US$120.96 36.7 US$0.82 US$137.98 US$52.77 US$3.30
Applied Materials, Inc. AMAT 0.0143 US$60.96 17.72 US$0.88 US$69.90 US$36.64 US$3.44
ASML Holding N.V. - New York Re ASML 0.0078 US$367.42 52.8 US$2.92 US$402.87 US$191.25 US$6.96
Autodesk, Inc. ADSK N/A US$233.88 143.57 N/A US$261.94 US$125.38 US$1.63
Automatic Data Processing, Inc. ADP 0.0262 US$138.53 24.3 US$3.64 US$182.32 US$103.11 US$5.70
Baidu, Inc. BIDU N/A US$122.87 9.57 N/A US$147.38 US$82.00 US$12.83
Biogen Inc. BIIB N/A US$276.00 8.109999999999999 N/A US$374.99 US$219.70 US$34.04
BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. BMRN N/A US$76.00 112.43 N/A US$131.95 US$62.88 US$0.68
Booking Holdings Inc. Common St BKNG N/A US$1917.74 31.47 N/A US$2094.00 US$1107.29 US$60.94
Broadcom Inc. AVGO 0.0369 US$362.95 68.16 US$13.00 US$378.96 US$155.67 US$5.33
Cadence Design Systems, Inc. CDNS N/A US$105.88 29.12 N/A US$117.59 US$51.39 US$3.64
CDW Corporation CDW 0.0129 US$114.25 22.35 US$1.52 US$146.09 US$73.39 US$5.11
Cerner Corporation CERN 0.009599999999999999 US$72.01 43.48 US$0.72 US$80.90 US$53.08 US$1.66
Charter Communications, Inc. CHTR N/A US$604.02 57.77 N/A US$629.52 US$345.67 US$10.46
Check Point Software Technologi CHKP N/A US$119.98 21.16 N/A US$130.98 US$80.06 US$5.67
Cintas Corporation CTAS 0.0077 US$331.11 40.84 US$2.55 US$344.97 US$154.33 US$8.11
Cisco Systems, Inc. CSCO 0.0352 US$40.82 15.46 US$1.44 US$50.30 US$32.40 US$2.64
Citrix Systems, Inc. CTXS 0.0095 US$137.14 23.1 US$1.40 US$173.56 US$94.17 US$5.94
Cognizant Technology Solutions CTSH 0.0128 US$66.81 22.56 US$0.88 US$71.48 US$40.01 US$2.96
Comcast Corporation CMCSA 0.0204 US$44.43 17.84 US$0.92 US$47.74 US$31.71 US$2.49
Copart, Inc. CPRT N/A US$103.49 35.32 N/A US$110.00 US$55.69 US$2.93
CoStar Group, Inc. CSGP N/A US$826.89 102.06 N/A US$939.00 US$500.24 US$8.10
Costco Wholesale Corporation COST 0.008 US$346.57 41.46 US$2.80 US$363.67 US$271.28 US$8.36
CSX Corporation CSX 0.0137 US$75.51 20.28 US$1.04 US$80.62 US$46.81 US$3.72
DexCom, Inc. DXCM N/A US$398.24 184.37 N/A US$456.23 US$138.28 US$2.16
Dollar Tree, Inc. DLTR N/A US$91.23 24.47 N/A US$119.71 US$60.20 US$3.73
eBay Inc. EBAY 0.0116 US$52.54 8.140000000000001 US$0.64 US$61.06 US$26.02 US$6.46
Electronic Arts Inc. EA N/A US$130.13 19.24 N/A US$147.36 US$85.69 US$6.76
Exelon Corporation EXC 0.041 US$37.09 13.69 US$1.53 US$50.54 US$29.28 US$2.71
Expedia Group, Inc. EXPE N/A US$99.80 N/A N/A US$139.88 US$40.76 -US$10.94
Facebook, Inc. FB N/A US$282.73 34.57 N/A US$304.67 US$137.10 US$8.18
Fastenal Company FAST 0.0213 US$46.27 31.84 US$1.00 US$49.86 US$26.72 US$1.45
Fiserv, Inc. FISV N/A US$99.03 78.78 N/A US$125.05 US$73.50 US$1.26
Fox Corporation FOXA 0.0165 US$27.66 17.07 US$0.46 US$39.74 US$19.81 US$1.62
Fox Corporation FOX 0.0164 US$27.76 17.14 US$0.46 US$38.84 US$19.13 US$1.62
Gilead Sciences, Inc. GILD 0.0407 US$66.01 N/A US$2.72 US$85.97 US$60.89 -US$0.20
IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. IDXX N/A US$370.66 70.12 N/A US$407.86 US$168.65 US$5.29
Illumina, Inc. ILMN N/A US$342.39 73.22 N/A US$404.20 US$196.78 US$4.68
Incyte Corporation INCY N/A US$90.49 N/A N/A US$110.37 US$62.48 -US$0.89
Intel Corporation INTC 0.0262 US$50.08 9.199999999999999 US$1.32 US$69.29 US$43.63 US$5.44
Intuit Inc. INTU 0.0069 US$333.11 48.14 US$2.36 US$360.00 US$187.68 US$6.92
Intuitive Surgical, Inc. ISRG N/A US$735.28 77.41 N/A US$778.83 US$360.50 US$9.50, Inc. JD N/A US$80.00 544.22 N/A US$86.58 US$27.47 US$0.15
KLA Corporation KLAC 0.0179 US$193.37 25.11 US$3.60 US$218.57 US$110.19 US$7.70
The Kraft Heinz Company KHC 0.0461 US$33.47 N/A US$1.60 US$36.37 US$19.99 -US$0.16
Lam Research Corporation LRCX 0.0152 US$333.12 22.06 US$5.20 US$387.70 US$181.38 US$15.10
Liberty Global plc LBTYA N/A US$22.54 1.22 N/A US$28.48 US$15.24 US$18.42
Liberty Global plc LBTYK N/A US$22.01 1.19 N/A US$27.67 US$14.36 US$18.42
lululemon athletica inc. LULU N/A US$361.41 81.92 N/A US$399.90 US$128.85 US$4.41
Marriott International MAR N/A US$104.82 74.55 N/A US$153.39 US$46.56 US$1.41
Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. MXIM 0.028 US$68.68 28.5 US$1.92 US$73.52 US$41.93 US$2.41
MercadoLibre, Inc. MELI N/A US$1083.38 N/A N/A US$1270.00 US$422.22 -US$3.41
Microchip Technology Incorporat MCHP 0.0135 US$108.15 43.17 US$1.47 US$115.11 US$53.15 US$2.51
Micron Technology, Inc. MU N/A US$46.48 23.35 N/A US$61.19 US$31.13 US$1.99
Microsoft Corporation MSFT 0.0094 US$214.25 37.2 US$2.04 US$232.86 US$132.52 US$5.76
Mondelez International, Inc. MDLZ 0.0218 US$57.88 24.81 US$1.26 US$59.96 US$41.19 US$2.33
Monster Beverage Corporation MNST N/A US$82.27 38.82 N/A US$87.05 US$50.06 US$2.12
NetApp, Inc. NTAP 0.0413 US$46.40 13.28 US$1.92 US$65.38 US$34.66 US$3.49
NetEase, Inc. NTES 0.0122 US$485.25 72.76000000000001 US$5.94 US$517.65 US$252.94 US$6.67
Netflix, Inc. NFLX N/A US$516.05 87.14 N/A US$575.37 US$252.28 US$5.92
NVIDIA Corporation NVDA 0.0012 US$504.90 92.73999999999999 US$0.64 US$589.07 US$169.32 US$5.44
NXP Semiconductors N.V. NXPI 0.0114 US$126.33 N/A US$1.50 US$139.59 US$58.41 -US$0.04
O'Reilly Automotive, Inc. ORLY N/A US$471.01 23.12 N/A US$487.95 US$251.52 US$20.37
PACCAR Inc. PCAR 0.015 US$85.62 18.06 US$1.28 US$91.30 US$49.11 US$4.74
Paychex, Inc. PAYX 0.0325 US$76.06 25.02 US$2.48 US$90.54 US$47.87 US$3.04
PayPal Holdings, Inc. PYPL N/A US$191.84 88.04000000000001 N/A US$212.45 US$82.07 US$2.18
Pepsico, Inc. PEP 0.0293 US$138.76 28.3 US$4.09 US$147.20 US$101.42 US$4.90
QUALCOMM Incorporated QCOM 0.0223 US$115.97 49.24 US$2.60 US$123.93 US$58.00 US$2.36
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. REGN N/A US$580.36 22.47 N/A US$664.64 US$271.37 US$25.83
Ross Stores, Inc. ROST N/A US$93.32 61.11 N/A US$124.16 US$56.30 US$1.53
Seattle Genetics, Inc. SGEN N/A US$149.21 N/A N/A US$187.99 US$65.44 -US$1.49
Sirius XM Holdings Inc. SIRI 0.0092 US$5.72 25.09 US$0.05 US$7.40 US$4.11 US$0.23
Skyworks Solutions, Inc. SWKS 0.0143 US$139.01 30.54 US$2.00 US$154.24 US$67.90 US$4.55
Splunk Inc. SPLK N/A US$200.14 N/A N/A US$225.89 US$93.92 -US$4.14
Starbucks Corporation SBUX 0.019 US$86.27 76.62 US$1.64 US$95.93 US$50.02 US$1.13
Synopsys, Inc. SNPS N/A US$208.98 51.74 N/A US$230.12 US$104.90 US$4.04
T-Mobile US, Inc. TMUS N/A US$114.29 40.88 N/A US$119.20 US$63.50 US$2.80
Take-Two Interactive Software, TTWO N/A US$161.71 41.5 N/A US$180.61 US$100.00 US$3.90
Tesla, Inc. TSLA N/A US$418.32 1083.73 N/A US$502.49 US$43.67 US$0.39
Texas Instruments Incorporated TXN 0.0254 US$140.47 26.37 US$3.60 US$148.37 US$93.09 US$5.33 Group Limited TCOM N/A US$30.66 N/A N/A US$38.95 US$20.10 N/A
Ulta Beauty, Inc. ULTA N/A US$240.51 48.55 N/A US$304.65 US$124.05 US$4.95
United Continental Holdings, In UAL N/A US$38.21 N/A N/A US$95.16 US$17.80 -US$6.43
VeriSign, Inc. VRSN N/A US$203.54 30.22 N/A US$221.30 US$148.77 US$6.74
Verisk Analytics, Inc. VRSK 0.0056 US$182.77 58.84 US$1.08 US$193.61 US$116.61 US$3.11
Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorpor VRTX N/A US$266.50 33.64 N/A US$306.08 US$165.23 US$7.92
Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. WBA 0.0504 US$36.89 43.45 US$1.87 US$64.50 US$36.50 US$0.85
Workday, Inc. WDAY N/A US$215.80 N/A N/A US$248.75 US$107.75 -US$1.85
Western Digital Corporation WDC N/A US$38.16 N/A N/A US$72.00 US$27.40 -US$0.84
Xcel Energy Inc. XEL 0.0243 US$70.02 26.27 US$1.72 US$73.00 US$46.58 US$2.67
Xilinx, Inc. XLNX 0.0147 US$101.64 39.77 US$1.52 US$112.17 US$67.68 US$2.56
Zoom Video Communications, Inc. ZM N/A US$369.89 472.4 N/A US$478.00 US$60.97 US$0.78

Nasdaq 100 Dividend Yields

The list of dividend yields above provides the yield performance of some of best companies in the Nasdaq 100 index.

This data was captured on 06th September 2020.

What is this Data Useful for?

If you are a stock market investor and are seeking to optimise your investments for both dividend and capital returns this data is extremely useful.

It will allow you to see which companies in the Nasdaq are producing the highest dividend yields.

The data allows you to sort the companies by highest and lowest paying dividend yields.

In addition to dividend yields we provide the dividend payout values, price earnings ratios, 52 week share price high / lows and Current MCaps.

What is a Dividend Yield?

A dividend yield is the measure of dividend income a share produces expressed as a percentage of the current share price for the given company.

Put another way, it is the percentage income return you can expected to receive from your invested share capital; it is much the same as the percentage return you receive from saving money with a savings account in a bank.

Dividends are effectively the cost of capital a company is prepared to return to a shareholder for using that capital to grow its business.

What is the Nasdaq?

The Nasdaq is a US based stock market indices made of the biggest non-financial companies listed on the Nasdaq stock market.

What do the other Metrics mean in the Data?

Within the data table you will also find dividend payout values, price earnings ratios and dividend coverage ratios for each company on the FTSE 100. These metrics are useful when used in conjunction with the dividend yield to arrive at whether a share may be worthy of further consideration and research for making an investment.

Dividend payouts are the cash value that is paid out for holding a share in a given company. These are expressed in pence, so for example, Vodafone at week ending 3rd January 2020 was prepared to payout 7.39p per share. When expressed against the share price of 147.94p on the same day this would provide a dividend yield of 4.9%.

Price earnings ratios or PE ratio. This ratio is calculated by dividing the market value per share by the earnings per share value. It is a measure of how many more times the value of earnings per share the market is prepared to pay for a share than the company is actually producing in profit. One could effectively regard this measure of how confident the market is in a share. So the higher the price earnings ratio the better the market is expecting this share to do. A low price earnings ratio could also indicate a company is under valued.

How can you use the Data to get the Most out of it?

This data is a great starting point for your dividend investing research. As an investor you should be looking for value, return, acceptable risk and growth from your share investing strategy. Any investment is a balance of these measures.

Other Considerations when Buying Shares

In addition to these numerical performance measures I recommend you consider some softer, more ephemeral aspects of your potential investments

How moated is the company’s offering?

This means to see how protected the offering of the company is. Is it unique and without competition? Can the company sustain this position in the medium term.

Examples of this could be patented technology which is in high demand. Apple are a great example of this.

It could be exclusive mining or drilling rights to areas with rich resources, Rio Tinto are a good example of this kind of competitive moat.

How sustainable is the business model?

This aspect considers the ability for a business to maintain and adapt its competitive advantage and innovation level.

A good example of this relates to the global economy. It is at a pivot point into new technologies currently, moving away from carbon producing technology to low carbon technology.

Many businesses are exposed this shift, for example oil companies, car manufacturers and manufacturers generally.

If some of your potential investments are in this sphere, consider the robustness of their plans to mitigate the effects of this change on their business. What are they doing to innovate and how fast are they doing it?

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