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Glaxosmithkline Results and Dividend Review for 2019 Company Performance

Glaxo announced a dividend of 80p per share against it results for 2019. That means Glaxo keeps  its dividend payment consistent with the full year 2018 payment of 80p. So overall if you’re looking for dividend payment growth, this is a static change.

The forward view for the dividend payment for 2020 stays at 80p.

The one thing you can say for Glaxo is they are consistent on dividend payments.

Glaxo’s dividend yield for the last ten years has hovered between 4.5% and 5.5%, this company is a dividend yield machine, it just keeps churning out investor return and performance.

Current dividend yield performance for Glaxo is 4.7%. This is against an average performance for the sector of 2.14% and average performance for the FTSE 100 of 3.82%. That is very good dividend yield performance indeed.

Glaxo’s current price earning ratio is 23 against FTSE 100 average of 27, this implies Glaxo is currently undervalued by the market which suggests the share price may have some growth.

The current share price is off the 52 week high by some 7.9%.

The share price dropped on the strength of these results from 1815 to 1700, some 6.3% drop.

Overall trading performance produced sales increase of 8% with 4% increase in profits.

Overall the business is a consistent performer, it is a mature profit machine that delivers what for some may be boring performance but for others is a trusted goto and safe haven.




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