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If you are a Dividend Investor and Share and Stock enthusiast this is a great website to visit.

Dividend Data with Dividendyieldlive.com

My site provides Dividend Yield data for every FTSE 350 company and now the S&P 500.

You can find Dividend Yields for every FTSE 100 Company here.  Similarly you can find every Dividend Yield for every FTSE 250 Company here. On these pages you will also find the Dividend Cover’s, Price Earnings Ratios and Dividend Payouts for each company.

If you’re interested in the US Markets try our Dividend Yields Data for the S&P 500. This page provides the dividend yield history for every S&P 500 company for the last ten years.

If you want more in-depth data at a company level you can also visit an individual company page for every FTSE 100 company, simply click the company name link from the page Dividend Yield FTSE 100 for the data or use the grid below.

You can also find Dividend Payment Dates and Ex-Dividend Dates on my site, perfect for knowing when those juicy Dividends will be arriving.

I also provide seven years of Dividend Payout data for every FTSE 350 company here.

You can also find Dividend Performance by sector here along with a list of the top paying Dividend Yields for the FTSE 100, FTSE 250, and FTSE 350.

I update the data weekly to keep things fresh and archive monthly to allow users to see past performance of the market.

Below is a video demonstrating a visual walkthrough of some of my sites services.

If you are unsure of what Dividend Yields are check out this guide.

Much of our data is provided free of charge.

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